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<p>  SAIERSHI</p> <p>  Main Composition</p> <p>  polyester resin Peroxide Filling</p> <p>  Application</p> <p>  Fast fixing and pattern making, bonding and repairing of stone and ceramics</p> <p>  Main properties</p> <p>  Cure in short time</p> <p>  Can be operated in cold weather(-10℃~45℃)</p> <p>  Various color for all kinds of stones color: transparent</p> <p>  White, beige, green, red, black</p> <p>  Hard enough for polish</p> <p>  Hardener’s aspect is white gel</p> <p>  Direction</p> <p>  Keep the surface to be bonded dry and clean</p> <p>  Add l00 parts adhesive with 2-3 parts harden</p> <p>  Mix thoroughly and apply with facer</p> <p>  Or refer to the directions on the package</p> <p>  Safety rule</p> <p>  Do not return the excess to the original packing</p> <p>  To speed up or slow down the time of hardening Put more or less hardener as required</p> <p>  Store in cool place and keep the lid tightly closed.</p> <p>  In case of permanent adhered, please use the AB glue of our company</p> <p>  12 months valid. it stored in cool places</p> <p>  Do not expose to wetting and freezing temperature clean the tools immediately with acetone after application</p> <p>  Refer to the application directions on the package</p>