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<p>  SAIERSHI</p> <p>  Construction injection anchor</p> <p>  Main Composition</p> <p>  Polyurethane modified propenoic ester. Peroxide. Quartz power</p> <p>  Application</p> <p>  Construction joint of concrete iron</p> <p>  structural fixing of broadening of expressway or reservoir</p> <p>  reinforcement of bridges</p> <p>  restoration of old buildings</p> <p>  Main properties</p> <p>  Two composition formulation</p> <p>  Water resistant acid and alkaline resistant Freeze resistant</p> <p>  Not sensitive to humidity</p> <p>  Aging resistant fir-proofing and thermal isolation can be used</p> <p>  The pre-laid steel parts</p> <p>  Safety rule</p> <p>  Discard the colloid injected out at the beginning til the visibale</p> <p>  Uniform color being seen</p> <p>  Continuous operation recommended in case of waste</p> <p>  Do not apply on the wetting platform</p> <p>  Make sure the aperture is cleaned thoroughly</p> <p>  Wokable temperature ranges from -10 to 40*</p> <p>  Recommended dosage is 2/3 the volume of aperture to full</p> <p>  linject the colloid from the bottom of the aperture</p> <p>  12 months if stored in cool place avoiding lightening, clean tools with acetone after application</p> <p>  Refer to the application directions on the package</p>